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This was the first project I ever took on at the Distilled Spirits Council of the U.S.. Our team knew we had to hit the ground running because this was the first year DISCUS launched a conference. I was able to come up with a concept in 3 days and present it to our creative team for approval. The concept was simple. The basis of all distilled spirits can be distilled down to one thing, liquid. Thus our concept for the first ever DISCUS conference was born.

We really wanted an elegant, sleek look, with a lot of the visuals utilizing the DISCUS branding which already used most of the blues that you see throughout the branding. I created the core concept, along with a large bulk of the signage, social media assets, booklets, and animations. The creative team later entered the branding for a Hermes award and won platinum. 

Awards:   Hermes Creative Award - Platinum
Role:   Lead Designer
Date:   Feb. 2020
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