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Location:   Los Angeles
Currently Working With:   Freelance

Hi, my name is Aaron. With a focus on branding, web, and social design, I help businesses bring their vision to life through visually stunning and engaging graphics. I believe that the best designs come from a deep understanding of a client's brand and their unique needs. That's why I believe design is 90% research and a key part of my process, taking the time to fully understand a client's industry, audience, and goals before starting any design work. I believe that informed design leads to the most creative solutions.

When I am not designing you’ll find me exploring nature, hanging out with my beautiful wife, my amazing daughter, and our 2 cats. Often taking time to stop and look at well designed signage. I graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2019, I am an award-winning graphic designer with expertise in branding, web, and social design. I have successfully collaborated with diverse clients spanning various industries, delivering innovative and impactful design solutions that exceed expectations.

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