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Branding & Identity Design


branding, identity design, page layout design, social media, ads, and animations


The objective for this project was to create and education brand for the Distilled Spirits Council of The United States. The brand needed to be similar to the parent company while being unique enough to stand out. As an educational institution the brand also needed to convey some level of prestige. 

The final logo is the cocktail shaker. It looks very stylistically similar to the DISCUS logo but is independent. Using a heavily tracked out type face and a serif font gave the logo that prestige that it needed. It was also really important to have a dynamic logo. There is a simple icon for use on an app, a seal for formal certificates, a word mark with everything spelled out, and the standard logo. Giving the client this many options helps them fit the logo to the medium.

The branding uses mostly blue, grey and some orange colors. Focusing heavily on black and white photography. The blue color became a requirement to blend in with the parent brand as well as the black and white photography. Where this brand diverges in particular is the iconography which is vastly different from DISCUS. Another area that I think this brand shines is typographically. While it does use some of the same typefaces from DISCUS the methodology and use behind them is completely different. DIN 2014 in particular is a hard typeface to deal with because it was originally intended for road signs. However, tracking it out really helped out by giving it the levity it needed to mix well with the prestige of the brand.

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