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Project for The Bureau of Small Projects


website, branding, identity design, & animation


While working with The Bureau of Small Projects I was tasked with designing a website for a company called Card Free. Card Free specializes in mobile ordering and payment systems for the hospitality industry. In our early talks with them we wanted to focus on the customization aspect that they offer for companies and how user friendly it was to set up. Their current site was pretty bland and they wanted to add a lot of character to it without being too much. 

My solution to their problem was to make the site feel a lot more humanistic with some illustrations and expanding their color palette. We chose to highlight their success with big numbers and facts for their customers. We also used icons to demonstrate the different ways Card Free could integrate with businesses. We had a great illustrator come in and develop some icons for us. I was in charge of designing the website and animating some of his illustrations.


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